Alexey Rostislavovich Vorontsov was born on the 17th of February in 1951.
In 1968, he entered Moscow Architectural Institute.
After his graduating from the Institute in 1974, Vororntsov was employed in Scientific Research and Design Institute of MasterPlan (or General plan) (“NIiPI Genplana”) in Moscow.
Since 1976, he worked in Scientific Research and Design Institute of Culture, Recreation, Sport and Healthcare Facilities. There, he designed the Olympic Cycle Track at Krilatskoe in the designers’ group.
In 1983, Alexey Vorontsov was given an award of the International Union of Architects for the architecture of the Cycle Track at Krilatskoe.
Since 1980, Vorontsov worked in the management of “Mosproekt-2”. He became a creator of the widening and reconstruction of Paveletskiy railway station on Leninskaya Square.
In 1982, he became a member of the Union of Architects of the USSR; in1989 (January-June), Vorontsov took part in establishing of the Soviet-Polish joint venture, called “Mosbudproekt”. In that organization, he worked as a chief architect till October 1992. Vorontsov developed about 30 architectural designs in that period, among which there were: building of “Moscow Mc Donald’s”(joint venture) in Gazetny lane, IT-Park on Yauza-river in the region of “Otradnoe”, business centre “Alexander Complex”in Strastnoy boulevard, the concept of All-Russian Children’s Park “Wonderland “(“Strana Chudes”) in Nijnie Mnevniki, etc.
In 1992, Vorontsov established the architectural office called “ABV Group” in co-operation with Pavel Andreev and Nikita Birjukov. There, he worked as the general director till 1996.
Since October 1996 - December 2001, Vorontsov worked as a vice-chairman of “Moscomarchitectura” (Moscow committee of architecture) and the head of “GlavAPU” (Central administrative board of architecture and planning). Under the direction and assistance of Vorontsov, The Center of Visual and Landscape Analysis and Town-Planning Regulation were set up as well as the System of the state town-planning cadastre was originated. Besides, the method and the system of city land-surveying, the system of working out and quality control of initial planning permit (“IRD-control”) for all kinds of construction and designing in Moscow were originated and applied.
Since January 2002-August 2003, Vorontsov worked as the general director of “ABV Group”(limited liability company).
Since August 2003, Alexey Vorontsov has been the head of “Vorontsov’s Architectural Bureau”.
Since1992-2005, Vorontsov worked out more than 20 projects, some of which were built up and some are still being built. Among them, there are: three dwelling houses and an office building (building 11) in Posledniy lane in Sretenka street; multifunctional complex (building 17) in Kuznetskiy most street; office building (building 8) in Efremov street; office building of “Vneshagrobank” (building 33/5/2) in Gagarinskiy lane; office building (building 69) in Pyatnitskaya street; shopping centre “Nautilus” at the intersection of Lubyanskaya square and Teatralniy proezd; phase1 of the multifunctional complex “Tsarev Sad” on Sofiyskaya embankment (building 36/10); bank complex of the main branch of Central Bank of Russia in Lubotchniy lane in Moscow (building 4); multifunctional complex in Bolshaya Ekaterininskaya street; educational, sports and recreational centre for the Jewish Maryinoroshinskaya community (building 19A) in Obraztsov street; multifunctional office centre of “Siemens”corporation (building 39) in Leningradskiy broad street; multifunctional complex in Sakharov broad street (building 30).
In 1994, Vorontsov was elected a councilor of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction, and in 1999, he was elected a member of Moscow department of the International Academy of Architecture.
Since 1994, he was repeatedly awarded as a laureate of the contest for the best reconstruction, restoration and construction in the historic centre of Moscow.
In 1998 and 2001, Vorontsov became a laureate of the contest of the Union of Moscow Architects “Zolotoye Sechenie”(“Golden Section”).
In 2004, Vorontsov was awarded as a laureate of the Moscow contest for the best architectural work of 2003-2004. He was given the 1st degree award of the XII International contest for the best building of 2004 by the International Association of the Unions of Architects.
In November 2004, on the congress of the Union of Architects of Russia, Vorontsov was elected its first vice-president.


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