It was founded in 1992 by the three architects, Pavel Andreev, Nikita Birjukov and Alexey Vorontsov and the abbreviation, made with the capital letters of their last names, gave the name to the bureau. Since 2003 till now, Alexey Vorontsov has been the head of it.

Alexey Vorontsov graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute in 1974. By the time of the foundation of the privately owned architectural bureau, he had had an experience in building and designing such projects as the Cycle Track at Krilatskoe, Paveletskiy railway station, the office and restaurant building of “Moscow Mc Donald’s”(joint venture) in Gazetniy lane. Since 1984-1988, Alexey Vorontsov worked in the department of construction and building materials of Moscow C.P.S.U. committee. Since 1989-1992, he took part in establishing of large planning organizations such as “Mosbudproekt” (joint venture) and “Novo-Moskva” (joint-stock company). Since 1996-2002, Vorontsov worked as the vice-chairman of “Moscomarchitectura” (Moscow committee of architecture) and the head of “GlavAPU” (Central administrative board of architecture and planning).

Today, more than 70 specialists work under the direction of Alexey Vorontsov. The Bureau joins professional architects, designers and engineers for solving the most difficult problems in architecture and town-planning. The staff of the bureau includes as many experienced and highly qualified specialists, who did their practical work in planning institutes, “GlavAPU” in Moscow, “Gosstroy”, “Gosgrazhdanstroy and Minoborona of the USSR”, so as young architects, successfully adopting modern technologies in projecting and designing. The bureau does the whole complex of design work from the architectural concept to the detailed designing of real estate objects of any complexity.

The bureau has an advanced certificate of authorization of general designing of civil and industrial projects of the highest degree of complexity, including tall houses and groups of buildings.

At the heart of the work of the bureau, lies the complex analysis of the building site and time constraints of a project together with deciding questions of optimization of functional, technical and economical parameters of it. The suggested structural, spatial, plastic and color design is a professional answer both to the customer’s and, reasoning from the town-planning characteristics, architectural task: no fixed architecture and ideological prejudice.


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